jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Dorothy came to Munchkin land

Dorothy miss her Munchkin land friends and she came back to see her friends.
When she went, everything was different. There aren´t any flowers,the sky aren´t blue and aren´t any people. She went to saw her friends. Then she saw a strange person and start to talk with he.
- I´m so sorry but your friends were in an abyss and they didn´t came there.
Dorothy was very sad, but she ask him:
-Becouse the wicked witch of the north is here.He said.
Dorothy went to the wicked witch castle and killed her with very hot water and the wiched witch was dead then she search her friends and when she enter on a room she saw them an saved them.
Then they celebrate a party with food and drinks. Then Dorothy came to her house.

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